About Us

Texas Primary Care Consortium is the only multisectoral network focused on primary care in Texas.

Our mission is to advance equitable, comprehensive, and sustainable primary care for all Texans.

Primary care, when prioritized in the health system, results in people living longer lives with more equitable outcomes. Yet primary care, with chronically low funding and infrastructure investments, is in danger, as highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Texas Primary Care Consortium is working together to address the systemic issues of healthcare inequities, high costs, and lack of access.

Through a combination of collective action and a network-based approach, Texas Primary Care Consortium leads with the following framework:


Expand our knowledge base by sharing best practices, lessons learned, and replicable tools.


Facilitate opportunities to build and strengthen lasting partnerships for shared and sustainable impact.


Create spaces for dialogue and action to generate a shift in the healthcare system through policy and system change initiatives.

Who We Are

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Texas Primary Care Consortium

​The Texas Primary Care Consortium (TPCC) is a statewide collaborative initiative led by Texas Medical Home Initiative in partnership with Texas Health Institute.​

Texas Medical Home Initiative

Texas Medical Home Initiative (TMHI) is a non-profit, practitioner-led organization with a vision to see all Texans have access to a medical home. Their mission is to develop, implement, evaluate, and promote the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of primary care delivery in Texas.

Texas Health Institute

Texas Health Institute (THI) is the non-profit, non-partisan public health institute in Texas. Since 1964, THI has served as a trusted, leading voice on public health and healthcare issues in Texas and the nation. Their expertise, strategies, and nimble approach makes them an integral and essential partner in driving systems change efforts. THI works across and within sectors to lead collaborative efforts and facilitate connections to foster systems that provide the opportunity for everyone to lead a healthy life.​

Our History

our history


Texas Medical Home Initiative (TMHI) was created

our history


Primary Care Pilot Project led by TMHI

our history


TMHI and THI began collaboration

our history


Texas Primary Care and Home Health Summit convenes annually

our history


Collaboration between TMHI and THI evolves into Texas Primary Care Consortium (TPCC)

our history


Annual TPCC Summit Convenes and launches efforts to produce concept paper titled, Primary Care and Health System Transformation in Texas: Assessing Needs and Identifying Opportunities"

our history


-Primary Care -in Texas issue brief with COVID-19 response
-Report on state of Primary Care in Texas with accompanying online interactive dashboard
-9th Annual TPCC Summit (Virtual)

our history


TPCC established as the state's only multi-sectorial network focused on primary care in Texas.