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Decades of research have proven the foundational role of primary care in improving health outcomes, lowering costs, and reducing disparities. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shed an important light on the vulnerability of the state’s primary care system while instilling a renewed sense of urgency to protect and strengthen this foundation.

Our latest report, “Making Primary Care Primary: A Prescription for the Health of all Texans,” is a comprehensive, data-driven, evidence-informed review of key issues and solutions essential to advancing primary care and health system transformation in Texas. The report is accompanied by a live first-of-its-kind interactive dashboard making Texas an inaugural state to have a comprehensive primary care data resource platform with state- and county-level data. The goal is to drive consensus among leaders and stakeholders regarding how to best sustain the progress to date and provide a forward-looking outlook for efforts moving ahead.

Funding for the report and interactive dashboard has been provided by the Episcopal Health Foundation and St. David’s Foundation.

Making Primary Care Primary: A Prescription for the Health of all Texans

This detailed report provides a data-driven, evidence-informed, comprehensive understanding of key issues essential to advancing primary care and health system transformation in Texas. The report synthesizes data and perspectives to assess our needs, captures lessons learned, and highlights best practices and challenges while taking a forward-looking orientation to possibilities and uncertainties ahead. Outcomes from this project provide a real-time, 360-degree view of how the state’s health system plans to continue adapting and innovating in a changing health care environment.

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What is the State of Primary Care in your County?

Find out using our interactive data dashboard.

Developed using existing national and state data sources, each county profile presents a comparison of county and state-level data for over 50 measures across six domains: demographics, health needs, facilities, workforce, health behaviors, and social determinants of health. While not conclusive nor exhaustive, these profiles are intended to guide and advance primary care and health transformation efforts across Texas.

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About the Consortium

The Texas Primary Care Consortium (TPCC) is a statewide collaborative initiative with a mission to advance accessible, continuous, and coordinated person-centered care for all Texans. We serve as the honest broker that brings together diverse stakeholders to discuss, identify, and address the multi-faceted challenges presented by our current healthcare system. Through multi-sector collaboration, we are able to identify research gaps, build capacity for pursing shared solutions, and inform policy efforts to improve the health of all Texans.

Robert E. Jackson, MD had a vision of advancing primary care implementation in Texas leading to the creation of the Texas Medical Home Initiative (TMHI) in 2008. TMHI is co-led by Sue Bornstein, MD, FACP and its partnership with Texas Health Institute has since formed the Texas Primary Care Consortium.

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